The brand

We are better everyday. For you, to be the best!

The key to Silco brand success is satisfaction in the eyes of end customers. We believe in linking the reputation of the brand and the quality of products being marketed. Therefore, with best proven raw materials, precise production processes and testing of each produced series, we guarantee reliability. With our products, the services and work of bodyshop owners are effective. Quality is ultimately reflected in their satisfied customers.

An important component of caring for the brand is also our belief that we always offer the best support to bodyshops and fulfil their even demanding expectations.

We build brand image in all markets, both at home and abroad. And the world spins as quickly as our products have to fulfil their purpose.

Silco - Perfect Refinish Within Minutes

Why choose Silco products?

Since Silco offers the most comprehensive range of products for bodyshops, we provide care in one place. Silco ensures impeccable and effective repairs, high productivity and repetitive results.

Trust the Silco brand and see for yourself.