About us

About Silco d.o.o.

Professionalism in the business, quality of our products and services, constant investment in knowledge which we share with our customers, technical and professional support and dedication; all these are values that inspire and motivate us.

On the domestic market, as well as in Croatia, we work through a network of commercialists with all the major companies and craftsmen in the field of our activities. In other countries, however, we trade our products through authorised distributors.

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Mission Statement

Maintaining equally high levels of quality, efficiency and competitiveness, we want our business operations become your standards- where high quality is expected and cost-effectiveness understood. We will do our best to maintain the balance between these two, while continuing to develop the products and services that will meet the highest demands. Because we believe in the power of working in a team, we will continue bringing you the best experience through our marketing as well as technical support.

Corporate Identity Manual