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UniMix paint mixing system

Mixing system UniMix

Compact colour system developed to meet market demands of automotive, metal, transport and other industries. UniMix is a colour system of 24 highly concentrated tinters and 14 binders. The colour system is distinguished by high covering power, colour accuracy, extensive colour portfolio, quick drying and ease of use. Depending on the choice of the binder, different types of coatings can be prepared - from primers to topcoats in different qualities, from the simplest 1K coating to the most advanced 2K UHS Ultra Fast Acryl.


  • High coverage
  • Excellent colour matching
  • High resistance to chemicals and weathering
  • High UV resistance and durability
  • High corrosion resistance of DTM coatings
  • Revolutionary 2K UHS Ultra Fast Acryl

Revolutionary Ultra Fast Topcoat

Binder UniMix 2K UHS Ultra Fast Acryl
UniMix Ultra Fast topcoat delivers outstanding performances regarding very short drying times (up to 80 % shorter drying times compared to conventional acrylic/PUR coatings), chemical and UV resistance. UniMix Ultra Fast topcoat will guarantee high quality and durability for many years after application. Unique material properties will ensure you lower work costs (lower electricity and fuel costs), increased productivity, time savings as well as increased customer satisfaction.


  • Extremely fast drying times: 20°C: 50–60 min / 60°C: 3–5 min / IR: 8 min / Potlife (20°C): 75 min
  • Excellent chemical and UV resistance
  • Good leveling, smooth surface
  • Excelent gloss (>99%)
  • VOC 420 compliant

For more information see UniMix Leaflet