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Moxi Polishing system

Moxi polishing system

Coming up with simple yet effective solutions is a tough nut to crack for new product designers. But Silco has once again succeeded in doing so – we have developed the excitingly effective Moxi polishing system that makes the choice of a polishing compound to achieve that perfect shine a hassle-free affair for the user. Traditional polishing systems require two or more polishing steps in order to achieve the desired result. The Moxi polishing system makes compound selection straightforward and allows for a quick one-step polishing procedure.

Simple! Chose the Moxi polishing compound and start polishing. Results are guaranteed!

The Moxi polishing system includes:
Shorter polishing procedure with a unique combination of Moxi polishing compounds and pads. One-step polishing – no matter the type of coating and purpose of polishing.

  • Time savings
  • Improved productivity
  • Competitive advantage
  • Work progress
  • Higher earnings

 For more information see Moxi Leaflet