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5175 4Plastic

Adhesion Additive for 2K Primer Fillers

5175 4Plastic
Adhesion additive for 2K Primer Fillers on plastic substrates.

- excellent adhesion on various plastic substrates (PP-EPDM, PP, ABS, PE)
- primer filler can be applied as wet-on-wet or as sandable filler
- additive does not affect the features of the primer filler (sagging, sandability, paper clogging, adhesion of basecoat and clear coat)
- easy to use (adding instead of thinner to the mix)
- to be used with (7120, 9900, 3900, 5900) primer-fillers

Description Prod. Nr. Box Pallet MSDS TDS
5175 4Plastic
5175-1 6 504