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7120 M12 SFR Superfast

HS Ultra Rapid Surfacer

7120 M12 SFR Superfast
Ultra fast drying acrylic primer suitable for small or big repairs.
The primer is air dry in 15 minutes at 20°C.
For application to bare metal, aluminium, zinc-platted surfaces and plastic parts.
The surface is smooth, sanding 15 minutes after the application is very easy.

- very fast drying times (15 min/20°C or 5 min at 60°C/IR)
- sanding possible immediatelly after drying (in case of baking wait until cooling down) - direct to metal application, adhesion on zinc-platted and aluminium substrates - easy to sand - saves time, effort and sanding paper - no clogging of the sanding paper
- smooth surface: superb topcoat appearance - possible to apply on plastic parts (in combination with 5175 4Plastic additive) - VOC compliant
- hardener: 7125 (vol. 5:1)
Product Information Sheet

Product Information for: 7120 M12 SFR Superfast (download)

Description Prod. Nr. Box Pallet MSDS TDS
7120 SFR M12 Superfast Surfacer, white; 3,5L
7120-A-3,5 2 140
7120 SFR M12 SuperfastSurfacer, black; 3,5L
7120-B-3,5 2 140
7120 SFR M12 SuperfastSurfacer, grey; 1L
7120-C-1 6 480
7120 SFR M12 SuperfastSurfacer, grey; 3,5L
7120-C-3,5 2 140