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6600 SFR Air-Bond™

6600 SFR Air-Bond™
Universal, fast and soft lightweight polyester putty. Thanks to its latest filling material technology the specific weight of only 1.3 kg/L enables it to fill irregularities and dents with significantly less product (by weight) in comparison with conventional putties. It dries up to 40% faster than conventional putties.

- specific weight 1.3 kg/L (conventional putties ≈2 kg/L)
- ready to sand in 12 minutes
- excellent adhesion to galvanized and electrozinc
- coated metals, aluminium and steel surfaces
- very easy to spread, with high thixotropy
- non-porous, smooth surface
- adhesion to wood and polyester laminates
- excellent sanding, beginning with P150
- can be used as filling and fine putty

Description Prod. Nr. Box Pallet MSDS TDS
6600 SFR Air Bond,Fast Light Soft Putty
6600-1 6 360